Have we not visited for a while to catch up? That’s entirely possible. I’m getting old and don’t get out as much as I once did. In case you’re wondering what’s up, here’s what’s up right now. The list isn’t really in any particular order.

(last updated 2016-06-14)

  • No foster dog right now. I only foster autumn through spring as my summer work schedule tends to make having a dog not a great idea. Plus I like not having to go home after work to feed a a dog and take it outside. I’ll take on a new pooch in the fall. (See the Foster Dog Hall of Fame for past pooches)
  • I appeared on stage at Broken City for their Comedy Monday Nights back on March 21, 2016! I did fantastic for a first-timer. That’s my opinion, but I heard it from others too. But they might be lying to me. If they are, I’m going to let them.
  • I have set off on trying to take in all 4 million words / 10,000 pages that make up Will and Ariel Durant’s The Story of Civilization. I have wanted to read this for several years. I doubt I’ll finish it while the date on cheques (the hell is a cheque?) is 2016. Or 2017, for that matter.
  • I have signed up to be a participant in STRANDED: Water Valley. This is a Survivor-like dealie and a fundraiser for Kids Up Front. I’m so excited I get to take part. I heard about it too late, and signed up as an alternate for one or the participants. But one of the other participants dropped out and didn’t have a backup. So thankfully, they let me jump in to take that spot. Woohoo! I’m trying to raise $2500 for Kids Up Front. You can read all about the event, and my participation, and you can donate to my campaign on this here page.
  • This year, I’m going to:
    1. Bicycle 2,000 km (~1,800 to go)
    2. Run a 10K
    3. Complete a 10,000 swing challenge (video) with 32 kg (June September?)
    4. Launch two online businesses
    5. Read 18 books (15 to go)
    6. Travel to Disneyland
    7. Make the 84-hour roadtrip to Juneau, AK and back that I’ve wanted to do for a decade Still having logistical problems with this. Now contemplating a drive to Minnesota to get White Castle.
    8. And much more!

(crossed off means completed, not foregone Nope, sometimes it means foregone or changed)