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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
Duchess knows how to bring her toys inside from the yard.
@CullenHoback Think I can sell these for a hundred thou now that you've got an Emmy nom?? I bought "Q" on Google TV…
RT @peakcooper:#GPT4 saved my dog's life. After my dog got diagnosed with a tick-borne disease, the vet started her on the prope…
Last chance. People sure seem to love em.
I'm heading up to Red Deer for a couple of hours, then back to Calgary. Who wants me to bring back a half dozen Donut Mill donuts for them?
@bfsingh Neat! That feels, simultaneously, both 18 months and 25 years ago.
@bfsingh @digableplanets You thought it into existence. Well done, and thank you!
Amazing! I have a ticket to see @digableplanets in New Orleans in May since "I'll surely never get to see them in C…
@sarah_YYC But he's not even really dead. Marty went and changed the events so that George lived.

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