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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
@KnifeNerd I'm only up to Bodies, but this is magical!
A couple of evenings ago I drove by the Calgary Food Bank. Cars were lined up into the street. I've been thinking o…
@teaneill Well now I am! Given that I was going through all this just for some seasoning, I was wondering earlier t…
@RajBhardwajMD Tis the former. I have some magic (making potato chips disappear), but this is just 12 hours of dehy…
@ahopeross Ooh, I hadn't thought of pumpkin. Plus then I'll get the seeds. I love pumpkin seeds!
@ahopeross I bought some from the store a couple of days ago. They were pretty pricey, so thinking of seeing if I can make those myself too.
@karma_jj I am many things, but a deft fruit pitter I am surely not. I'm def trying to dry dried apricots though!

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