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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
RT @jasonkenney:What if my issue is people in Canada replying to tweets that mention me but don't really have anything to do with m… 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
@amourissima @EllisFun Well, no. I mean the dorks that may sit around in the park and not think about beer at all..… 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
@amourissima @EllisFun By the way, did you know that you can get Finger Hands for Finger Hands? 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
@moarbaconz @EllisFun I was thinking of it all the way up until this week. I believe I may be coming to my senses. 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
@amourissima @EllisFun Just a typical day in the beer garden, drinking beer with finger hands, as you do. 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
@amourissima @EllisFun It's true. I could not. Though nobody ever sat around in a park and thought, "what a lovely… 

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