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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
@zoeywrites @hmcrae I just drove by Pablo and there is no line, should you be both available and inclined.
@heidamazeballs I hope so. I've been watering what feels like every other day for 2 months. Let's hope that you hav…
I don't like having to water my garden with the hose this much. I'll take some of that free sky water any time now. Thanks.
Watching the women now. Same observation.
@sarah_YYC @GiantBlueRing I have tiny screwdrivers. You're welcome to bring it by and we can have a looksee. Are yo…

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You want to see my LinkedIn? I have no idea how to make it just magically appear here, so kindly click this link instead. I’ll connect with you, if you want. But if you spam me, I’m unconnecting. Just so you know.