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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
@Darylist @latstetter And that reminded me of this, which will never ever not make me laugh.
@karma_jj I still think that instead of referencing "nuisance dogs" they should be classifying people as nuisance o…
@latstetter @Darylist It's an old timey doctor's play kit. That's just how it was done back then.
@karma_jj I imagine that this will make you happy as well! (Some people seemed to know quite some time back, but I…
The proposed changes to the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw have been published and I'm very glad to see that there…
RT @DuaneBratt:For the "it's Trudeau's fault," how does a lack of covid vaccine procurement in February, not shutting down Canada'…
@mamamonkey The sausage patty of the S&E has this vaguely metallic taste that thousands of years of evolutionary bi…
@mamamonkey No, screw those people. You're in the right, stand your ground. "Follow me for more modern manners advice!"
@mamamonkey Yeah, the two lane dealie. Guy behind me in the McD's drive thru (sausage egg mcmuffin ftw!) tried to n…
People who won't zipper merge onto the freeway are one thing. People who won't zipper merge in the drive-thru are something else again.

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