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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
Makes me want to cheer for Germany. Then beat 'em at soccer. Then out-empathize them when we do. 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
RT @CstShaw:How to check your #cocaine. Step 1 - Add vinegar. If it makes a volcano, it's baking soda. If not, your drugs are r… 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
@KnifeNerd Thanks for making sure flapper pie is on there. I'm pretty passionate about flapper taking its place as… 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
@EllisFun @kabalguy @_LaineyBoggs_ Of course, if y'all choose to do it sooner, please be my guest. I am not one to… 
John Smiley  @JohnSmiley
@_LaineyBoggs_ @EllisFun Nice. My schedule clears up after March 12. I obvs can't speak for Elli. 

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