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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
Standing without boots: easy. Standing with boots: very, very hard.
@wandabaker_ @Karone81 @YYCHotChocolate Just as a minor historical artifact, for the curious, the Hot Chocolate Fes…
@goldenbeast43 @_LaineyBoggs_ Undeserved, but much appreciated boost for me there.
@Eve91Pearl Pretty uneventful these days. He's doing ok, but needs a boost to get to the next level. We'll be seein…
@TomBabin Fall of Civilizations podcast ( now also a Youtube will brilliant visuals.
@RedDevilRodeo Puppies! Holy moly that must be a lot of work.
@reganintheworld Mr Squish is snoring in delight at your greeting.
RT @PlainviewMovie:A few of the In Plainview team got together to chat with @TheWildernessIn of @LiveWireCalgary and she wrote the nic…

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