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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
@aggieloveseggs The deliciousest of all the sorceries.
@SheCalgary I appreciate the support. You'll get an invite to the soft opening.
@EllisFun Man, I sure love a good portmanteau! I think kickass portmanteau words are my kink.
@EllisFun And then some nice cheese desserts! Cheesecake (obvs), goat cheese pudding, honey ricotta. We'll be cheezillionaires!
@SheCalgary My dude, it has a roof. You don't let cheese just wander the restaurant by its lonesome unprotected.
@frosty75 I can probably find someone who knows something about conveyor belts.
@frosty75 But I don't know anything about conveyor belts. Or building profitable restaurants, for that matter. We n…
I feel like all my cheese peeps must have been face-first in a wedge of Shropshire when I tweeted this because this…

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