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JohnSmiley @JohnSmiley
@moarsnax I'll book as soon as I'm eligible. But I don't go anywhere or do anything and one shot ain't going to cha…
@aggieloveseggs I don't think you read what I wrote.
I hear I may be eligible for a vax in the coming days. Not that anyone in control is listening, but I'd be complete…
@mikesbloggity We have recently progressed to going on walks with strangers and their dogs. Strangers to him, I sho…
@moarsnax Because they have no respect.
@moarsnax Also, I've recently been informed by a young person that only old people still use reaction gifs.
@moarsnax I feel so grateful to have seen it go from Lynx to, well, everything. I'm so fortunate to clearly remembe…
@moarsnax Do you remember how hard it was to find anything? I had no idea how I was even supposed to use it. Well,…

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You want to see my LinkedIn? I have no idea how to make it just magically appear here, so kindly click this link instead. I’ll connect with you, if you want. But if you spam me, I’m unconnecting. Just so you know.